Reichenau 7.4.2018

A weekend with rehearsals with the choir "Salto Vocale" (Perchtoldsdorf). In the morning, during lunchtime break and late afternoon I walk the area around the inn, where we took accomodation and where the rehearsals take place.

Much too early arrival, so I have half an hour for a first short walk. Near Reichenau´s Secondary school primroses are flowrishing in yellow (Primula vulgaris)...   

 ... and in red (which seem to have spread from culture to the environment) Mittagsstein in the background.


This Yellow daffodill seems to have been planted too.

Hohler Lerchensporn (Corydalis cava) on the scarp between the road and the Preiner beck.

The wood anemones (Anemone nemorosa) are still closed at this early time of day.

View from the inn to the Rax massive with the Heukuppe (2007 m, left) and Preiner Wand (1783 m, right).

At lunchtime, I start for an hour´s walk along the river Schwarza. Wood anemones (Anemone nemorosa) in abundance in places.

View over the Schwarza to the Rax.

At the embankment of the restored historic Hirschwang railway lots of odorant violets.

Several small water power stations along the river Schwarza.

The former river bed contains only small amounts of water.

True oxlip (Primula eliator)

Residual water of the Schwarza.

Back at the main road, with the view to Mittagsstein.

Once more a short detour to the Preiner beck, now the wood anemones (Anemone nemorosa) are fully open.

Lesser celandine (Ficaria verna)

Hohler Lerchensporn (Corydalis cava) and wood anemones (Anemone nemorosa).

Late afternoon after the rehearsal a second walk with others along the Schwarza and to the well called "Augenbründl" ("Eye´s well") near Hirschwang. From the forest edge near the well we get a wonderful view to Schneeberg with the Klosterwappen (2.075 m) ...

 - in evening liht.

Last sunrays on Mittagsstein.

8.4.2018: After lunch we drive to Payerbach to the "Ghega - hall", for the rehearsal of the 5th set of Gustav Mahler´s 2nd  symphony (the parts with the choir), together with two other choirs and a very big orchestra, for the performance next sunday(April 15th 2018) in Vienna´s  Großer Musikvereinssaal. The Ghega hall is a multi-purpose hall - also the (huge) gym of Payerbach´s primary school. This is the view from the adjacent sports ground to the Rax. This day is much too beautiful to be spent indoor ...