Bicycle Tour Oberwart 31.5.2006

A long day at work comes to its end. At 6 p.m. I decide to do at least a short round with the bicycle. From Bad Tatzmannsdorf I ride to Drumling, then the smooth ridge along further to Kleinzicken, at least via to Oberwart and via St. Martin in der Warth back to Bad Tatzmannsdorf. It has been raining before,  and the evening sun enlightens the rain cloud. This view will accompany me on the whole round.

Shortly after Bad Tatzmannsdorf I have my first look to this rain cloud. Being still quite near, the rain is clearly visible.

Panorama from the same viewpoint. Click into the picture for a larger version.

About 10 minutes later, near the local golf club heading for Drumling.

The rain has drawn back a bit, so a short segment of a rainbow is visible now. On the smooth ridge between Drumling and Neuhaus in direction to Kleinzicken

Cow Parsley (Anthriscus sylvestris)

Riding further, I come closer to this cloud ...

View down to Neuhaus.

The marguerites now are ...

 ... in full blossom

Near the road ...

 ... the contrasts ...

 ... are unbelievable now - Cow Parsley (Anthriscus sylvestris).

The rain has left big puddles in the fields, ...

 ... however not disturbing the ragged robin (Lychnis Flos-cuculi).

Kleinzicken - panoramic view. Click into the picture for a larger version.

On the way back near St. Martin in der Warth: barley stands high yet.

St. Martin, and the cloud is still visible.

Evening light grows more and more stunning.

Panoramic view - Click into the picture for a larger version.