Bicycle tour Willendorf 27.2.2017

Mountain Bike tour in the morning with Hans Jürgen Pietsch, crossing fields to St. Egyden, then to Mollram, Würflach, Willendorf, Netting, Maiersdorf and back to Winzendorf via the Prosset (24,6 km).

We start from Winzendorf and ride the gravel roads to the transponder on the hill near Saubersdorf.

Special light today: a bit of a foen weather situation, sunshine on Schneeberg and clouds casting shadow down here.


St. Egyden, far right the Sonnwendstein.

Panoramic view from the transponder near Saubersdorf, to the South and West. Hierher oder ins Bild klicken für eine größere Auflösung.

A bit farther heading for St. Egyden

At the end of our ride we visit the biotope between Maiersdorf and Netting, which was constructed due to a local initiative a few years ago.

Hohe Wand.

Hans Jürgen and the Schneeberg.