Radtour Puchberg 1.7.2015

After a long break a tour with the racing bike. My car is in service, so I start from Gaaden to Stollhof, Maiersdorf, Zweiersdorf, Oberhöflein, then the mountain road to Grünbach, Puchberg, down the Sierning dale to St. Johann and Ternitz, passing Neunkirchen, and back home via Würflach and Willendorf, all together about 50 km.

Near Gaaden, wheat nearly ready for crop.

Zweiersdorf and the view to Hohen Wand.

From the highest point of the mountain road between Oberhöflein and Grünbach you get a wonderful view to Hohe Wand ...


 ... and Schneeberg.

Shortly before Pfenningbach

A short break at Puchberg´s pond

Puchberg´s pond with Himberg in the background.

Fountain inside the water

At the opposite end of the pond, the trees have been cut down, so now there is a nice view to Schneeberg.


In the Sierning dale. A glimpse of Schneeberg summit ridge with last reminders of snow.

Sierning beck

Near Stixenstein castle, shortly before Sieding, tapping of some big springs as part of the first Vienna´s water conduit (built in 1873!).

Back in the plain, near Würflach. Summer´s heat now, about 30 °C.

Würflach/Wolfsohl and Hohe Wand behind.

Shortly before Winzendorf. Wild chamomile at this field ...

 ... and Phacelia, the bees´ friend.

Corresponding to the news that many bees have died during the last winter, I mainly watch bumblebees dusting the flowers. The same is true for the lime tree in my garden which is in full flower right now.