Bicycle Tour Puchberg 12.4.2005

As I had some things to do in Neunkirchen and Ternitz, I decided to go there with the bicycle. After work I didnīd want to ride home immediately. The ride grew to a "small" round tour via Sierning valley, Puchberg, Gruenbach, Hoeflein, Maiersdorf and Stollhof, all in all about 58 km. The weather was overcast with a few rain drops in Sierning valley, otherwise dry, 15 degree C  in Winzendorf.

During the ride to Neunkirchen a bit more light on Schneeberg

In Sierning valley with Sierning beck at a small weir

Pulmonaria in the forest near the beck

Near a small beck in a side valley lots of ramson and Cordalis cava

Cordalis cava in its white variant

Sierning beck in view direction Puchberg ...

 ... and view back in direction Ternitz. The valley is very narrow at times

A bit higher than Puchberg. Yellow cornel is yet flourishing here, whereas Schneeberg is deep winter

This yellow cornel is at least hundred years old.

On the way back. View from the road between Maiersdorf and Stollhof through Prosset gorge to Weikersdorf, in the background the flat pine forest and the Rosalia ridge.