Bicycle tour Oberwart 14.2.2007

Nearly unbelievable to do a bicycle tour n February, but the temperature is 13 C and the sun is shining. So I do a short round tour from Tauchen via Dreihuetten and Harmannsdorf to Hochneukirchen, back via Hattmannsdorf, Offenegg and Aschau to Tauchen, all in all about 21 km.

From the beginning there is a steep ascent through the forest. Where the road leaves the forest, the first view goes over fields,...

 ... then over meadows and fields...

 ... to the snow covered Wechsel.

Nice view to Bernstein.

Above Dreihuetten. View to Bernstein with Dreihuetten´s cemetery in the foreground.

Zoomin in on Bernstein castle, the church to the left.

View from Dreihuetten to Hochneukirchen.

On the ridge, named Zueggenhoeh

Now a bank of clouds draws in from the west, and the sun miracle is over. It is late anyway, so I hurry up for the rest of the tour to reach the car before darkness.