Bicycle Tour Oberwart 20.9.2006

A wonderful bright autumn day. I drive to Neumarkt im Tauchental, from there I ride via Allersdorf, Weiden and Markt Neuhodis to Rechnitz. After a short detour to the vineyards nearby, I return. From Markt Neuhodis I make a short detour on the slopes of Guenser Mountains via Althodis, Parapatischberg, Unterpodgoria, Oberpodgoria and Rumpersdorf, to return to Neumarkt via Allersdorf, 35 km with a few steep ascents, especially between Neuhodis and Althodis.

17.9.2006, a short walk near my home: Near Weikersdorf late sunflowers are thriving.

20.9.2006. Driving from Oberwart to Neumarkt I have to stop here to have a look at these wonderful meadow saffrons near the road.

Nice view to Schlaining Castle from this viewpoint.

View over Allersdorf to Oberpodgoria and the Guenser Mountains.

Vineyards at the eastern outskirts of Rechnitz, with the forested slopes of Geschriebenstein (884 m) behind, being Burgenland´s highest mountain.

View from the outskirts of Rechnitz to the Hungarian border, which is only a few kilometers apart.

In the vineyards there are many small houses. Here a good soul with a sense for beauty ...

 ... has planted wonderful dahlia at this house wall.

Vineyards up the slopes.

View to Althodis as seen from Parapatitschberg

View to the valley as seen from Unterpodgoria

Oberpodgoria ...

 ... and its cemetery.

I have parked my car on a hill a few hundred metres out of Neumarkt, near this cross.

Good view to Neumarkt´s church from here.

Panoramic view from the same viewpoint. Click into the picture for a larger version.

Groszpetersdorf in the distance.

Neumarkt´s church, as seen from the village.