Bicycle tour Oberwart 26.4.2006

A short bike ride from Oberwart via Oberdorf and Neuberg Bergen to Guettenbach, further on via Kotezicken, Kleinzicken, Kleinpetersdorf and Groszpetersdorf back to Oberwart, about 42 km. According to the season, it is rather hot, more than 25 C and hazy, thunderstorms are forecast.

Blackthorn is special now.

Meadows are covered with Lady´s Smock (Cardamine pratensis), especially on wet places

Between Guettenbach and Kotezicken


In the background the wooden hills with the Hungarian border.

A young apple tree ...

 ... in full blossom already

Flourishing trees near the road in Kleinpetersdorf. Thunderclouds are coming nearer.

Flours near an old fire brigade tower

Lungwort (pulmonaria officinalis) is growing near the road.