Short Bicycle Tour "Kuerassier" 3.7.2007

After last night´s rain the air is extremely clear. Before it gets warm, I want to be out a bit, so I start for a short bicycle tour Winzendorf - Bad Fischau - Dreistetten - Muthmannsdorf - Winzendorf, about 20 km

Chicories (cichorium intybus)  near the road through the vineyards.

Already on the bank betweeen Bad Fischau and Dreistetten: beautiful cichories growing here.

Chicories, in the background the church of Dreistetten.

On the high ground near Dreistetten I see sun flowers for the first time. Here with the northeastern parts of Hohe Wand in the background.

The good weather not seems to hold on for long. Interesting

Lange dürfte das Wetter nicht aushalten. Eine interessante serrated clouds are drawing in from the west. Indeed, the weather has worsened much since, and the next day sees permanent rain with deep clouds.

This time the view to the southwestern parts of Hohe Wand.

Large wheat fields here looking just ripe yet.

One more sun flower field, Hohe Wand behind.

View to ruin Emmerberg, behind to the right the villages of Netting and Willendorf. Hochwechsel in the background.