Bicycle tour Kirchberg 22.9.2007

A visit at friends in Kirchberg. I have to take advantage of the bright weather for a bicycle ride over that distance, about 35 km.

View from near Winzendorf to Schneeberg

Shortly before Willendorf once more a view to Schneeberg.

The river Schwarza near Ternitz: green, ...

 ... crystal clear water. The rains of the past weeks are definitely over.

Between Ternitz and Gloggnitz the view goes over autumnal rape ...

 ... to Rax.

Goesing with its prominent escarpment.

The cemetery near Kranichberg castle, situated on an idyllic place half way up Rams saddle.

A glimpse on Schneeberg between the trees, this time seen from its southeastern side.

Kranichberg castle behind the chapel.

Zooming in on the castle

Shortly before Rams saddle, near the uppermost houses of the small hamlet of Friedersdorf, a gorgeous view to Sonnwendstein, Rax und Schneeberg (from left to right). Click into the picture for a larger version.

The Rax plateau: from left to right Heukuppe with Schneegraben, Preinerwand and far right Jakobskogel, on the right edge of the picture the big lodge Ottohaus can be seen..