Bicycle tour Hohe Wand 30.4.2005

With my mountain bike I ride via Netting and Stollhof on Hohe Wand (about 900m), back via Dreistetten and Muthmannsdorf.

A beck near Netting with view to ruin Emmerberg and Prosset gorge

cress near the beck

The road to Hohe Wand coils up spectacularly through the escarpments

View down to Stollhof and Fischauer Berge

The escarpments of Hohe Wand

View to Muthmannsdorf and Fischauer Berge. The big building to the left is the rehabililtation centre for cardiovascular disease in Felbring

Cow slips on the plateau of Hohe Wand

Ruin Starhemberg near Dreistetten

The northeastern foothills of Hohe Wand