Bicycle tour Fischauer Berge 17.4.2005

This morning we had a short rain. Now the sky is overcast, but it is mild with 12 C. As the rain has ceased I start for a mountain bike tour through Fischauer Berge (Bad Fischau, Eisenstein cave, Muthmannsdorf, Dreistetten, Frankenhof, Stollhof, Maierdorf, Zweiersdorf, Zweiwiese and around Zweiberg, Netting, Bloszer Berg, Winzendorf). The view mostly was dull and overcast, so I start with first pictures near the end of the trip, when it gets a bit lighter.

View to Zweiersdorf with Hohe Wand in clouds

Oberhoeflein with Gelaend in the background. Schneeberg should be visible, but is in clouds however

Unterhoeflein´s pilgrimage church

Zweiwiese with cowslip flourishing

Zweiwiese with view to cloud covered Schneeberg


Bloszer Berg. Many globularia cordifolia and iris pumila (look at the side of the day before yesterday) however blue and magenta only, no yellow or white exemplars.

However, I discover a light blue-magenta variant