Bicycle tour 20.3.2010

Short ride with the mountain bike from Willendorf to Oberhoeflein and "Zweiwiese" (fields in the summit region of this westernmost part of the Fischau mountain range) and back to Winzendorf via Strelzhof and Doerfles.

First primroses in the sunny forest above Willendorf

From the old quarry named "Roemergrube" near Willendorf there is a good view to the pilgrimage church of Hoeflein and to Schneeberg.

The church is really built on a special place.

Now I ride up the steep road to Oberhoeflein ("upper Hoeflein"), where I branch off to an extremely muddy gravel road. The reason for the wetness: melting snow in places of cornices and deep whole day shadow. View along Hohe Wand.

Zweiwiese with Schneeberg, a breathtaking view at any time.

Zooming in on Schneeberg behind Zweiwiese.

Much snow still on the large snow field, called "Breite Ries" ("broad scree gully"), a popular place for ski tourers. "Hackermulde", the slope below the summit (far left) is nice too, although the slope is much shorter and not as steep.