Bicycle Tour 18.3.2010

After more than a week with cold weather and repeatedly snowing, finally it grew warmer and sunny. I start for a short morning ride over fields til St. Egyden and Neusiedl.

A slight foen weather situation makes Schneeberg glow. Its face will follow me nearly all of my ride.

Winzendorf. Still puddles on many fields.

The fishing pond half way to Saubersdorf

I now ride to the wayside shrine on a small hill in the west of Saubersdorf, where you get a marvellous round view. Click here or into the picture for a larger version.

Once more, this time nearly 360 degree and high format pictures stitched together. Click here or into the picture for a larger version.

Schneeberg, with Willendorf in the foreground

Big parts of fields still under water.

Schneeberg, in the forground trees around a fishing pond near Doerfles.

Near the outskirts of Saubersdorf another fishing pond near the street.

I cant stop looking at the reflections.

Johannes beck water is runnig into the pond.

Here it is guided over a small weir.

Study with different exposure times: long ...

 ... and short.

Reed at the pond.

More reflections

180 degree panoramic view of the pond, stitched together from 4 rows of pictures.

Weeping willow inside the water

On the way back: St. Egyden and Schneeberg ...

 ... and zooming in.

Crocus in my garden ...

 ... and snow drops.