Bicycle Tour 27.2.2010

A whole week of thaw with temperatures up to 10 C and more, including rain on Friday, has removed most parts of the snow cover. Only cornices and compressed snow on shady gravel roads have remained.

Unbelievable, but a few days after the snow had disappeared, first exemplars of Winter aconite (Eranthis hyemalis) are out.

The river Triesting in Oberwaltersdorf, where I dropped my daughter at a musical weekend workshop at the Teatro school.

On the drive home, Schneeberg is presenting most beautifully today.

Hohe Wand

Weikersdorf´s church

In the backgrond Mitterberg, Prosset gorge and Schlossberg with the disused limestone quarry, behind is Hohe Wand.

Panoramic view of Semmering, Schneeberg, Hohe Wand and Fischau mountains, as seen from near Weikersdorf. Click here or into the picture for a larger version.


In the afternoon, I start for a short mountainbike ride, on gravel roads to Saubersdorf and St. Egyden. This fishing pond is still covered with ice. Click here or into the picture for a larger version of this panorama.

Ice on the shady gravel road too - better to push the bicycle in this area.

In the sun, the snow has disappeared, but it cannot drain away due to soil still frozen in deeper layers ...

 ... making up for little ponds in field places otherwise only a bit more wet.

Nice reflections anyway.

Persisting snow cornices Schneewächten, Schneeberg in backlight not as beautiful in the afternoon.

I´m ending up my ride in Doerfles, where I turn around and ride back down the asphalted road to Winzendorf.