Bicycle tour 17.6.2009

In the morning a mountain bike ride from Winzendorf to the Fischau mountains and back via Muthmannsdorf. On the way there is opportunity to visit some nice flower biotopes, dry grass areas among others.

Starting through the vineyards heading for Bad Fischau - Brunn. a fallow land with nice poppies.


View back to Winzendorf, with the Wechsel mountains in the background, far right Sonnwendstein.

Narrow leaved flax (Linum tenuifolium) in a dry grass area.

Broadleaf speedwell (Veronica teucrium ssp. Austriacum)

Near the bushes a bizarre, but on close inspection very attective orchid is blooming: Adriatic Lizard orchid Riemenzunge (Himantoglossum adriaticum)

Many exemplars in places.

Narrow leaved flax (Linum tenuifolium) in a dry grass area.

Viper´s bugloss (Echium vulgare) with a Common Brimstone (Gonepteryx rhamni) as a visitor.

Austrian mullein (Verbascum austriacum)

Golden Flax (Linum flavum) inside the forest.

On a clearing

I have crossed the ridge of the Fischau mountains and are heading for "Neue Welt". A wonderful flower meadow up here ...

 ... with Dog fennel (Anthemis sp.) ...

 ... Common self-heal (Brunella vulgaris)

 ... Betonica hirsuta ...

 ... and marguerites (Leucanthemum sp.)

Further on through the forest: in deep shadow (hence the picture not as sharp as desired, sorry): another orchid, Red helleborine (Cephalanthera rubra)

Riding home on the road from Muthmannsdorf ...

 ... to Muthmannsdorf´s church, standing a bit outside. To the right behind is Hohe Wand.

Grain is grown up high.