Bicycle Tour 20.4.2008

It is Sunday, the sun is shining and at least it is reasonably warm. What else should we do than take the bike and do some cycling with friends. We ride through the pine forest to the railsway and to Wiener Neustadt, back via Bad Fischau, about 30 km

In good cheer we start from Winzendorf.

Due to the clear weather Schneeberg can be seen very well today, here with Frauen beck in the foreground....

 ... and zooming in.

The asphalted road we have come along with trees beside.

Winzendorf with Hohe Wand behind

Weikersdorf and a really stunning view to Schneeberg.

Good view to Sonnwendstein as well ...

 ... and the Pitten valley, the deep incision between the mountains behind the pine forest, ...

 ... Hochwechsel still with lots of snow.

ALmost arrived in Wiener Neustadt, ...

 ... here are large gravel pits, because all of the land is built up of gravel which has been washed down from the mountains during millions of years.

A small glimpse to Rax now as the mountains in front are more distant now.

Achtersee with a view to Schneeberg

Riding from Bad Fischau to Winzendorf we pass the dry grassland: Felsenbirne (amelanchier ovalis)


Still flourishing: Spring adonis (Adonis vernalis)

Kugelblumen (Globularia cordifolia).

Dandelions even more numerous than last week (this place near Winzendorf)

In my garden the apple tree flourishes inmidst the new rabbit bawn.