Bicycle Tour 13.6.2006

A short bicycle tour from Winzendorf via Muthmannsdorf, Dreistetten, Piesting, Hernstein/Aigen, Enzesfeld, Steinabrueckl to Wiener Neustadt and back via Bad Fischau, about 45 km

Near Piesting, at the ascent to Hernstein. First thunderclouds are visible

Dog rose

View in western direction

Near Aigen: The thundercloud is nicely visible now.

Tufted Vetch (Vicia Cracca)

View over Hernstein in direction west - Hoher Mandling

Snow is melting rapidly now on Schneeberg

Between Enzesfeld and Steinabrueckl - The thunderclouds do not approach

Zooming in on the cloud. Next day they reported about heavy thunderstorms in Burgenland.