Bicycle Tours 7.6. and 9.6.2006

Wednesday 7.6.: Once more in Oberwart. Not having enough time for a longer ride, I drive with the car to Neuhaus im Tauchental and ride till Rechnitz and back. My aim is to visit "Galgenberg", a natural reserve area near Rechnitz.

Shortly after Markt Neuhodis I am fascinated by this blooming roadside.

Galgenberg, with the view to Rechnitz. Between natural grassland there are lots of different dog roses ...

(Remark: Botanik im Bild counts 36 different indigenous dog rose species, so Ive given up to classify them ...)

Grassland and ...

 ... trees,

 ... other bushes ...

and Serpentine - Carthusian clove (Dianthus carthusianorum ssp. capillifrons).

9.6.2006: A bit more time, I ride from Winzendorf to Gloggnitz and back, about 50 km. Still lots of new snow on Schneeberg.

View from Doerfles

View from near Neunkirchen

A bit further on in direction Mollram

At the outskirts of Willendorf: wet grassland with many specimens of a valerian species, which I would specify as Lesser Valerian (Valeriana dioica).

Once more Schneeberg