Bicycle tour Kuerassier 28.10.2005

A short drive to Wiener Neustadt is replaced by a bicycle ride. On the way back I make a short detour on the road of Kuerassier" to Dreistetten, and back via Muthmannsdorf to Winzendorf.

Autumn colours are still glorious.

The second small meadow to the right near the road through the forest. Click into the picture for a larger version.

Arrived on top at least, in a short the road leads out on the big meadow.

The big meadow beneath the former Finken house.

View in the opposite direction: more coniferous woodland.

View in direction Dreistetten; Hohe Wand in the dust

Craggy ridge near the former Finken house

Panorama from the same place. Click into the picture for a larger version.

A bit further in direction to Dreistetten.

On the descent to Muthmannsdorf: once more oilseed rape for green manuring.

Reed near the road with ripe seeds.

Hohe Wand in the dust, barely visible.