Bicycle tour Geschriebenstein 9.8.2005

With the car I drive to Altschlaining in Tauchen valley. Now via Neumarkt, Allersdorf, Weiden and Markt Neuhodis to Rechnitz. Up on Geschriebenstein (880 m) and to its look-out. Further via Lockenhaus, Langeck, Weiszenbachl and via Unterkohlstätten and Goberling back to Altschlaining.

Spiked speedwell (Veronica spicata, pseudolysimachion spicatum) on a dry grassland near Rechnitz

360 degree - Panorama from Geschriebenstein´s look-out. Far left Neusiedlersee and a view to Hungary, to the right Wechsel and Schneeberg. Click into the picture for a better resolution

Detail: Schneeberg

Geschriebenstein is close to the Hungarian border. View into Hungary in direction Szombathely

View to east, in the far distance Bakony - mountains. Behind them already lake Balaton

Wechsel and Schneeberg

Threatening shower clouds in western direction.

View to north-east. In the distance lake Neusiedel.

After descent, behind Lockenhaus: purple loosestrife (Lythrum salicaria) near the road

View back to Lockenhaus

Once more purple loosestrife

Near Oberkohlstätten: Cropped fields in evening light.

Fishing pond nearGoberling in last evening light

Schlaining castle on the drive home

Naxt day, on drive home to Winzendorf: Schneeberg with shower clouds ...

... and Hohe Wand.