Bicycle Tour 5.8.2005

Today it is mostly overcast, windy and cool, maximally 22 C, however dry. A morning bicycle tour leads me to the "Bucklige Welt": Riding from Winzendorf via Saubersdorf and Schwarzau to Erlach, further via Schleinz to Hochwolkersdorf, Wiesmath and Hollenthon, upwards to Lichtenegg and Maria Schnee. Then down via Schlag and Thernberg to Scheiblingkirchen, theh way back further via Neunkirchen, Mollram, Gerasdorf and Willendorf to Doerfles and finally Winzendorf, all in all about 83 km.


Between Hollenthon and Lichtenegg the new wind energy plant. Today the wind is so heavy, that it is switched off: the rotor blades are turned to the wind and are standing still. In the background the pilgrimage church of Maria Schnee (833 m), behind is seen Rax with its summit Heukuppe (2.009 m).

The wind plant from the opposite side

The small village Kaltenberg with the pilgrimage church of Maria Schnee

Zooming in on the church

After a racy downhill ride in Schlaten valley: between Thernberg and Scheiblingkirchen these asteraceae, apparently savaged garden flowers