Bicycle tour 22.7.2005

My racing bike needs a small repair, so I start at 10 a.m. to Gloggnitz and Johann Kerschbaumer, who managed to centre my back wheel in a few minutes. My route leads me via Willendorf, Würflach, Raglitz, St. Lorenzen to Ternitz and further to Enzenreith/Woerth near Gloggnitz. The way back goes via Wimpassing, Neunkirchen, Mollram, Gerasdorf and Willendorf to Winzendorf. Today´s hit are numerous fully blooming sun flower fields.

The first sun flower field already shortly after Winzendorf, on half way to Doerfles

Having had a little bit hurry, the next pictures is already on way back near Ternitz, view on Schneeberg.

Maximal zoom on Schnneberg: Even at the end of July this year rests of snow in the region of the summit snow cornice and in the north-eastern escarpments.

Once more sun flower fields between Mollram and Gerasdorf ...

Cick into the picture for a better resolution