Biccle tour 20.7.2005

I ride with my racing bike from Oberwart to Buchschachen, then Oberbergen and Markt Allhau. Further via St. Johann in der Haide, Unterrrohr, Wörth and Neudau to Burgau, where I branch off to Stegersbach. From there back to Bad Tatzmannsdorf via Ollersdorf, Litzelsdorf, Kemeten and Oberwart.

Sweet William (Dianthus barbatus) near the road between Buchschachen and Ober Bergen

Once more I enjoy the wievs from Ober Bergen near Markt Allhau ...

The church on the main place of Neudau

Peter Kai working on his Sterntalerhof near Stegersbach. Here children with diverse afflictions are treated by the smooth motions on back of a horse.

Sun flower field near the road near Kemeten

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