Bicycle tours 28. and 29. 6 2005

28.6. short ride from Wiener Neustadt, where the car is at service, via Bad Fischau to Dreistetten, further via Muthmannsdorf and Gaaden to Winzendorf, about 20 km.

Forget-me-not (bog variant - Myosotis scorpioides) in between reed in a runnel besides the road shortly before Dreistetten

Between Muthmannsdorf and Gaaden. Panorama of "Neue Welt". Click into the image for a larger version.

The church of Muthmannsdorf

A few pictures of corn fields with the scenery of Fischauer Berge and Hohe Wand

Besides the road near Teichmuehle inn.

St. John´s wort


29.6. 2005. After a thunderstorm I start to a ride in extreme damp air from Oberwart via Drumling to Stadtschlaining, further via Neustift, Mariasdorf, Tauchen and Maltern to Hochneukirchen (770 m). The way back to Bad Tatzmannsdorf via Hattmannsdorf, Ofenegg, Kreuzberg and Oberschützen. About 46 km.

Above Stadtschlaining: View in direction Wechsel. Extreme dampness

View from Hochneukirchen in direction Hochwechsel not to be seen because of the dampness

View from near Hattmannsdorf to Hochneukirchen

Bucklige Welt ...