Bicycle tour 13.5.2005

After working at home early in the morning I start a tour with my racing bike: Bad Fischau, Dreistetten, Stollhof, Maiersdorf, Höflein, Willendorf, Würflach, Raglitz, Flatz, Neunkirchen, Mollram, Willendorf, Winzendorf.

In the forest above Bad Fischau on a dry place heath rose (Daphne cneorum). It´s a pity that the internet can´t transport the infatuating smell ...

Eyebright near the upper outskirt of the forest ...

 ... and woodruff

On a slope near the street in Dreistetten geranium (Geranium pyrenaicum)

Dandelions near Muthmannsdorf already with stands of fruit (in the background the church of Muthmannsdorf)

View over Flatz

The slopes are so colourful now

Yellow mignonette (Reseda lutea)

Grassland near Flatz, covered with goatsbeard (Tragopogon pratensis)...

... and near the edge of the meadow forget-me-not, here also in a white (Albino-) variant

Shortly after Neunkirchen the inevitable view to Schneeberg, this time with flourishing oilseed rape fields, ...

 ... contrasting prettily to the dark pine forest

Back home: Wisteria on my winter garden flourishes excessively this year (yet not enough to call our street "Wisteria lane" )