Bicycle Ride through the pine forest 20.6.2007

After yesterday´s thunderstorm, that did not touch us however, the air is clear. An unhurried Bic<cle ride from Winzendorf via St. Aegyden and Neusiedel to the railway, then along the tracks down to the OEAMTC base, through the pine forest to Weikersdorf and back.

The day before, 19.6, in the afternonn: a threatening thundercloud is hanging on Rosaliengebirge. It did not touch us, however.

We star as early as o a.m. to evoid the heat. Between Winzendorf and Weikersdorf the fields are beautiful now. View to Schneeberg (2.075 m)

Some fields have been cropped already.

Shortly before St. Aegyden once more a view to Schneeberg.

Now good vieas in the pine forest: only trees ...However, shortly before Weikersorf once more a view to Schneeberg ...

 ... and Hohe Wand, with Weikersdorf in the foreground.The houses are blocking  the view toWinzendorf, from which only a few houses higher up at the disused limestone quarry can be seen.

A bit closer to Winzendorf nwo. The , der maize ist standing high already this year. We have been at home in the meantime to take Sheila out.

Even wheat can be cropped soon.

Near Frauen beck, Purple Loosestrife (Lythrum salicaria) is flourishing.

The beck appears like a tropic jungle. Are there crocodiles here?

... Now mind you, here it is, ...

 ... the big water monster!