Puchberg 1.3.2018

Karl Tisch, the "Schneeberg Koarl" has asked me to take a panoramic picture of the Schneeberg, with the little pond between Puchberg and Hof in the foreground. He cannot take it by himself because he is sick, and  today is the last sunny day before a massive change in weather with extreme thaw, forecast for the coming days (time to arrive, btw, we already have March, and today´s morning temperature was -10 °C). This is a very enjoyable request, and so I start from home at 9 a.m., well wrapped, and set up my tripod at 9:30.

This is a wonderful scenery, even in the single shot.

Panoramic picture of the Schneeberg, with the Hengst on its left and the Grössenberg on its right side. Click here or into the picture for a larger display.

A bit closer to the frozen and snow covered pond. The high cirrhus clouds are advertising the bad weather that arrived at noon.

Behind Sonnleiten the view to the ruin Losenheim (far right) and Schneeberg.

Now I walk up the short leg into the side valley, passing by the waterfall inn being closed today, heading for the Sonnleiten waterfall.

Walking through wonderful snow covered forest.

The beck is ice covered ...

 ... as well as the waterfall.

Close to the fall I need 4 wide-angle pictures (15 mm full formate) one above for a complete, beautiful picture of the wonderully iced waterfall.