Puchberg 19.10.2014

My daughter´s riding lession means this time I enthusiastically volunteer for the drive ...

A wonderful autumn day invites to a walk.

From Knipflitz I head for Schneebergdörfl ...

 ... at first crossing a small forest.

View to Hoher Hengst in between

Leaving the forest now for the meadow.

After many weeks of rather warm weather, Schneeberg once more is completely devoid of snow.

First sun rays at the foothills of Hoher Hengst.

From Schneebergdörfl I head for Sonnleiten

View back to Schneebergdörfl and the Miesel dale, the indentation between Hoher Hengst and Schneeberg.

View down to Puchberg

Schneebergdörfl and Hoher Hengst

Hoher Hengst

Shortly before Sonnleiten I see some cattle

The welcoming comittee ...

 ...is already awaiting me.

Nice to meet a few locals ...

Others are not that friendly ... lifting the tail.

View from Sonnleiten to Schneeberg

Returning via Hof to Knipflitz

Schneeberg panorama from in between Hof and Knipflitz. Click here or into the picture for a larger display.

A short leg from Knipflitz in the direction of the small hamlet of Hengstberg, then my time span is over.