Puchberg 9.3.2014

Riding lessions with my daughters, and of course I volunteer for the taxi service - on a day with cloudless sky and mild weather (11 °C). This time I walk from the hamlet of Knipflitz to Puchberg and further on to the Falkhöhe, to return nearly on the same route.

Cloudless sky, what more could you desire?

First yellow cornel in flower.

 ... and from a bit afar. In the "Breite Ries" (the broad scree) there is still snow enough for a skiing tour ...

Farming near the hamlet of Hengstberg

The birch alley along the road to the Schneebergdörfl

I had a short chat with Voka, who was washing his cars, and crossed the Schneeberg rack railway. View down to Puchberg.

Not many yellow cornel in bloom on the Falkhöhe, but flowrishing hazel nuts.

If you move the catkins, you don´t see the cloud of yellow pollen - they are already shed, only "empty covers" are hanging around (but pretty anyway).


Yellow cornel flowers and ...

 ... - you wouldn´t believe with a bit of wind and 11 °C - first bees. The crop seems to be assured.

The slopes of Niederer Hengst with Schneeberg in behind.

270 degree panoramic picture of the Puchberg Valley, as seen from the Falkhöhe  - Hoher Hengst (far left), Schneeberg, Dürre Wand and Himberg (far right). Click here or into the picture for a larger display.

Flowering Hazel Nuts ...

 ... and another flowrishing Yellow cornel bushg, randomly growing inmidst a large grassland. As ever, this bush is growing in a place, where a rock kept the farmers from planting or mowing.

Near the Schneeberg rack railway some flowrishing primroses.