Puchberg 23.2.2014

Kids´ riding lession in Puchberg and with the sunny but a bit windy weather I opt for a nice walk arouind the hamlet of Knipflitz. From the Halmerhof I start heading for Schneebergdörfl, there I turn to the right for Losenheim and return back to the horse-farm via Sonnleiten and Hof.

Schneeberg ...

 ... has seen some new snow recently which was falling as rain down here.

Everything is green therefore.

Rocks are peering in the Breite Ries - not good for a skiing tour.

View to Puchberg ...

 ... and Pfenningbach, with Hohe Wand in behind.

This Yellow Cornel bush looks rather bare in this picture, ...

 ... but a closer look reveals numerous flower buds - mind you: in February at an altitude of 700 m asl!

The ruin of Losenheim

Losenheim´s ski pists are still in use due to artificial snow. If they are lucky, a frosty night could give them the opportunity to produce some more.

I walk down heading for Sonnleiten.

Protection fences against snow cornices.

Besides the Sebastian beck near Sonnleiten I find the first snow drops.

Near Hof I return to the road.

Sebastian beck, a bit more down.