Puchberg 15.12.2013

Another sunday with riding lessions for the girls at 10 a.m. in Puchberg. Perfect sunny weather made me opt very readily for the taxi service, another 1 1/2 hours for a walk around Puchberg. This time, I stated directly at the Halmerhof, where I parked my car, for a wonderful round walk to the Schneebergdörfl, Sonnleiten and Hof back to Knipflitz.

The horse farm "Halmerhof" is beautifully situated above Puchberg at the outskirts of the small hamlet of Knipflitz.

A marked route leads up from here to Schneebergdörfl.

Snow has remained only in permanent shadow or at cornices, after recent thaw.

Many horses are out in the paddock, even in winter.

The way banches off to the left here.

Snow cornices at the outskirts ...

 ... of this short forest leg the route is leading through.

In between a glimpse to Hoher Hengst. Even up there less snow than eleven days ago.

At the upper end of the small forest area. Slowly, the areas around Schneebergdörfl escape the shadow of Hoher Hengst.

AT the slope opposite to the Hengst, the sun has come out.

Another vierw over Schneebergdörfl to the Hengst. The indentation to the right id the saddle called Kaltwassersattel, the starting point of my descent on my recent walk on Dec. 4th., down through the Mieseltal.

330 degree panoramic picture with Hengst, Schneebergdörfl, Schneeberg, Hühnerbühel/Grössenberg, Öhler, Haltberg, Hohe Wand (Geländ), Himberg and once more Hengst. Click here or into the picture for a larger display.

The route now descends to the hamlet of Sonnleiten.

In Sonnleiten, I cross the road to Losenheim. Snow fences keep cornices away from the road.

A bit heading for Puchberg now, before ...

 ... I branch off to the right to reach the hamlet of Hof, a few hundred metres before the Halmerhof and Knipflitz.

More snow fences here.