Puchberg 18.8.2013

Short walk to the waterfall during waiting time when the girls have their riding lessions near Puchberg.

Schneeberg - excellent visibiliy and cloudless sky.

Not very high, but imnpressive - after the long dry period not very much water however. The rocks nearby are a favourite climbing area.

Above the waterfall inside the forest ...

 ... a peaceful runlet ... but over there, the world comes to its end.

View from above the waterfall to Hoher Hengst.

Kurzhaar - Donarsbart (Jovibarba hirta, Sempervivum globiferum subsp. hirtum) is growing here on the rocks above the waterfall.

Back beneath the waterfall

A male Silver-washed Fritillary (Argynnis paphia) on a valerian flower near the beck.

Horsemint ...

 ... with a visitor.

Back to the car after about an hour.