Pfennigbach 27.4.2018

Today, I drive to the Grünbacher Sattel. From there, I walk the huge meadows around the gypsum quarry.

A beautiful view to Schneeberg, accompanies me on most of the walk.

The spruce trees have started to flowrish, this year seemingly in abundance. The emerging eastern wind is driving huge clouds of pollen over the land.

A find a few green winged orchids (Orchis morio) in the meadow.

Ascending now up the steep slope with forest and meadows and spots with lots of Common bugle (Ajuga reptans)

Fruits of coltsfoot.

Dandelion meadow.

On the saddle between Hutberg and G´länd I turn back.

Cowslips still flowrishing up here.

Back down, in a wet place I find king cups  (Caltha palustris) ...

 ... and a few clusius gentians (Gentiana clusii)

 Green winged orchids (Orchis morio) in different varieties of colour and shape.

 Green winged orchids (Orchis morio)

 Green winged orchids (Orchis morio)

I walk along the meadows, have to climb (or crawl beneath) multiple barbed wire fences ...

 .. and finally approach the gypsum quarry.

More spots with  Green winged orchids (Orchis morio).

And then, all of a sudden, I enter a meadow with dozens of clusius gentians (Gentiana clusii).

Clusius gentian (Gentiana clusii)

Lucy enjoys the day, but I think the gentians don´t impress her.

Clusius gentian (Gentiana clusii)

The gypsum quarry ...

Work in progress.

Large holes from abandoned quarries have filled with water.

On the opposite side of the quarry, near the road, I walk back heading for the Grünbach Sattel.

Wet places with reed ...

 ... and king cups  (Caltha palustris) ....

On the drive back, I branch off for a short look at the oilseed rape fields, which I saw last week in beginning flower.

Now the rape is in full flower.