Pernitz and Puchberg 10.5.2005

Too less time for a walk or ride, however with the car you reach pretty landscape. I visit a poor grassland place near Neusiedel/Pernitz and drive further via Miesenbach to Puchberg.

Lots of new snow on Schneeberg after yesterday´s rain

If the view is as clear as today, Schneeberg is enthroned over Fischauergasse in Wiener Neustadt.

On the grassland near Neusiedel/Pernitz: early purple orchid (Orchis mascula)


View from the grassland to Neusiedel and Pernitz

Even cowslips yet on near 600 m height

Birds -  eye primroses (primula farinosa) on boggy places

Lots of bitter milkwort

Some orchids have suffered under last morning´s frost

View from above Weidmannsfeld to Hohe Wand in the background - on the "backside" only wodden slopes, no "high wall"

Above Puchberg: Schneeberg

On a small boggy grassland lots of  green winged orchids (Orchis morio)

The boggy grassland with view to Schneeberg

Here they are numerous indeed !

View over Puchberg to the last (southwestern) parts of Hohe Wand (Gelaend). In the background the gypsum quarry and processing of Pfenningbach