Perchtoldsdorfer Heide 22.6.2010

For years now I have not visited the Perchtoldsdorfer Heide, a special and most beautiful dry grass area with pannonic flora. Having to do something in the surrounding, I can managhe a two hours´ walk in the morning.

The Perchtoldsdorfer Heide is a large grassland between the village (small town) of Perchtoldsdorf and the pine forest, in former days a pasture are, now a popular recreational area.

St. John´s wort (Hypericum perforatum), in flower 1 week before St. John´s day, despite the cool spring season this year.

Meadow Salsify (Tragopogon pratensis)

Fragrant orchid (Gymnadenia conopsea) - only a few exemplars are growing here.

Caucasus Daisy (Tanacetum corymbosum)

Golden Flax (Linum flavum), special to the pannonic flora ...

 ... with a visitor

Fleabane species (Inula hirta) with different ...

 ... visitors.

Golden Flax ...

 ... with visitors

Caucasus Daisy (Tanacetum corymbosum)

This Aesulapian snake has taken place on top of a crippled bush and is warming in the sunshine. Thanks to Roger Hiley for help with the identification.


Clustered bellflower (Campanula glomerata) ...                                                                           ... and yellow flax.

Yellwo flax and Common selfheal (Prunella vulgaris)

Once more Fragrant orchid (Gymnadenia conopsea)


Purple Viper's Grass (Scorzonera purpurea)

Fire lily (Lilium bulbiferum) - on a certain place a group with about 10 individuals.

View over the grassland to Perchtoldsdorf´s church ...

 ... and in direction Anninger.

Golden flax is covering large areas.

Alant and Pannonic thistle (Cirsium pannonicum)

Bee orchid (ophrys apifera) - in a small area of about 20 m this one and the following orchid species.

Late spider orchid (Ophrys holoserica)

Late spider orchid (Ophrys holoserica)

This strange orchid I regard to be a hybrid of bee orchid and late spider orchid, called ophrys x albertiana

Schmalblatt - Lein (Linum tenuifolium, sorry, did not find an English name)

Pannonic thistle (Cirsium pannonicum)

Purple Crown Vetch (Securigera varia)

Common rockrose (Helianthemum grandiflorum)

"German" Canary clover (Dorycnium germanicum - hope this English translation is correct!)

View over southern districts of Vienna ...

 ... and to Perchtoldsdorf