Easter Flowers 14./15.4.2006

Still being extremely busy I have only little time for outdoor activities. However, a short detour and stop on the drive to Wiener Neustadt and a short easter walk on Holy Saturday to see the tiny Iris near Bad Fischau should be possible.

Good Friday, 14.4.2006. A day like many days in southern Steinfeld region: rain clouds are constantly hanging in the mountains and īdonīt come down. Here it is dry, windy and rather mild, with rare weak showers.

Seady rain on Schneeberg

clouds and sun change all the time.

Winter seed is rather green yet.

Still much snow on Wechsel ...

 ... as on Semmering.

Fishing pond near Saubersdorf

In diligence taking fotos I did not realize that a few rain drops found their way on my lenses. ...

Holy Saturday, 15.4.2006. Today it is much more sunny, though still big clouds drawing over. A short walk from Bad Fischau/Brunn (Jaegerzeile) in direction Winzendorf. View heading for Winzendorf, in the foreground first Viennaīs Mountain water conduct.

Panorama taking the same direction

On the outskirts of the forest (behind the plate seen in the panorama before, thousands of Spring Adonis (Adonis vernalis) are flourishing.

On a dry grassland in the vicitniiy carpets of Tiny Iris (Iris pumila) in different colours.

A pretty mix, especially interesting the many shades of blue ranging from light bluet to dark magenta.

 ... more gentianic blue ...

 ... more magenta ...

 ... light magenta...

 ... yellow ...

... and white.

Yellow cornel still flourishing at the outskirts of the forest. On the horizon first houses of Winzendorf.

On the way back: near a stone wall Adonis in great clusters.


 ... at times with a visitor - this one is just buzzing off. A sheer incredible wing beat frequency if one takes in mind that the exposure was done with 1/650 second.