Bicycle Ride Oberwart - Goetzendorf 13.10. + 20.10.2008

Driving to Oberwart I frequently park my car in Goetzendorf and take the bicycle for the rest. Goetzendorf is situated near Pinkafeld at an altitude of about 700 m, so I have to tackle about 400 m of ascent from Oberwart.

13. 10. - I chose a route somewhat different from the usual one taken on 29.9.2008: In Oberschuetzen I branch off to the Sixtina well and from there I ride to Wiesfleck. Further on to Schreibersdorf. Nice appetizers near the road ...

Now the steep ascent to Schoenherrn - view back.


Coloured trees ...

 ... in every direction.


Coloured trees  ...

 ... but still some flowers: wild chamomille.

Already above Schoenherrn, view to Schmiedrait.

A corn field, nearly cropped.

Only one row left. When passing by regularly I observed the field getting narrower - the farmer seems to have taken only a small bit every day to feed his animals.

Goetzendorf, situated on a hill. This is my goal for today.

20.10.2008: In the morning I start before dawn.

In the afternoon I once more chose a differnt route. This time I ride the bicycle track from Oberwart to Riedlingsdorf and further on to the Sixtina well and to Wiesfleck. Now I take the very steep ascent to Sparberegg (740 m). On the way behind Wiesfleck a geese farm.

Viewing the landscape.

The last part of the ascent lis leading extremely steep up through dense forest. A few sunny spots enlighten the scenery.

Beech leaves

Shortly before Sparberegg. A stunning view around from here: Hochwechsel in western direction ...

 ... Oberschuetzen southwards

 ... and Schoenherrn in the east.

Soon the sun will set behind Masenberg.