Bicycle ride Oberwart - Goetzendorf 29.9.2008

Since April this year, I acquired the habit of using my bicycle for the last 20 km of my drive to Oberwart. This time, I had the camera with me, the pictures were taken on the way back home.

Between Unterschuetzen and Oberschuetzen a long, straight asphalted road with only little ascent is leading between fields. My goal, Goetzendorf, about 400 m higher than Oberwart, is situated somewhere on the hills in the background.

Behind Willersdorf the real ascent begins. The road now leads through dense forest ...

 ... here it is mainly shady without a view. Yellow oak leawes near the road ...

Further up behind Schoenherrn the view is free over flatter areas of southern Burgenland and the nearby eastern districts of Styria, with Masenberg far right on the horizon.

View back in direction Bad Tatzmannsdorf

The sun now disappears behind high clouds.

Up there, at an altitude of about 700 m, my car is awaiting me.