Oberwart 8. + 11.10.2010

When driving to work in Oberwart, I take the bicycle with me and use it for the last 20 km from Goetzendorf, laying upside inthe hills of the "Bucklige Welt, down to Oberwart; the return jourtney is a heavy, steep ascent. As it is beautiful calm autumnal weather now, I take the camera with me.

I is early morning, so the sun is rising when I start from Goetzendorf. The first pictures thus between Willersdorf and Oberschuetzen - here the ground fog area covering Oberwart is beginning.

This of course was the last picture of this morning - the rest is mist.

In the afternoon it is upwards - here above Willersdorf ...

 ... with a view to Bernstein.

Between Schoenherrn and Goetzendorf.

At the end of the drive home, shortly before Weikersdorf: Schneeberg after sunset.

Next morning is grey up to my start, so there is no picture. Sunny afternoon however. I choose a slightly different route now via Aschau, Offenegg, Hattmannsdorf, Gschait and Ulrichsdorf. Here a cleraring above Aschau.

Between Offenegg and Hattmansdorf

Shortly before Goetzendorf. The evening sun is glowing  ...

 ... over the land, here the view to the Wechsel region.