New Snow 10. March 2005

This year winter seems to find  no end. During the last 24 hours it has snowed at least 25 cm, and snow drifts of old snow have occured during the last days. Today I drive from Winzendorf first to Oberpullendorf, and further via Bernstein to Oberwart.

Our stree once more is nearly not driveable

Snow clouds still are hanging over the mountains, where normally you should see Schneeberg

In Weikersdorf there are huge old and new snow drifts

The View from the fields near Weikersdorf to the plane black pine forest

Near the road to Wiener Neustadt

Deeply snowed forest between Oberpullendorf and Bernstein

A gust of wind has moved much snow from the trees and blown away like a cloud

A view upon Bernstein