Neue Welt, Willendorf 28.12.2023

Mist in the valley, sunshine up. First I drive to the vinyards at the outskirts of Winzendorf, but turn back and dirve through the Prosset gorge to the valley of the "Neue Welt" and back via Höflein and Willendorf.

Still mist at the vineyards ...


 ... so I decide drive a bit more up.

Shadow between Teichmühle and Maiersdorf with a thick layer of hoarfrost on the grass, only there. Lots of snow on Schneeberg (hence the name) after the intense rains during Chrostmas days.

Hoarfrost will be molten soon here.

View over the grassland to Stollhof with the rehabilitation centre of Felbring on the slope in behind.

Hoarfrost and sun.

After the intense rain, some of the grassland and fields are partially flooded.

Another view to Stollhof and Felbring.

Waft of mist drawing in over Netting.

View to ruin Emmerberg, with little of mist in the Prosset gorge.

Mist and sun behind the ruin Dachenstein.

At the biotope Zweiwiese, a large puddle has formed and is frozen in that permanently shady place.

Ruin Emmerberg and Prosset gorge, with a bit more mist now.

Above Maiersdorf, a wonderful view down to the Fischau mountains, with indrawing mist in the Prosset and above Netting.


Next stage: at the pilgrimage church of Höflein, with the view over Höflein to Schneeberg ...

 ... and over Willendorf and the mist to the Rosalia mountains.

Between Willendorf and Strelzhof a gorgeous spectacular of mist. In the background, ...

  ... the church of Würflach.

The paddock of the stud of Strelzhof.

An inquisitive horse starts contact.

View over the mist, from the upper end of the field.

Panoramic picture from Strelzhof to Willendorf. Click here or into the picture for a larger display.

Mist drawing up a bit at times, like here near Willendorf. Click here or into the picture for a larger display

Birch alley between the fields, looking in direction of St. Egyden, which is completely covered with mist.