Neue Welt 29.10.2022

Dense fog over Winzendorf, but pictures of show, that you need not drive too far to get into the sun. So, we drive a few kilometres to Stollhof, where we start our walk in the outskirts.

Mist reaching just to the ruin Emmerberg today.

Panoramic pictures of the Fischau mountains, as seen from the valley of the Neue Welt, with mist in behind. Click here or into the picture for a larger display.

View to Netting, Kienberg to the right.

We walk a short leg down on a grassy path.

Mist over Netting, in front of Kienberg.

Ruin Emmerberg.

A small bank of clouds before Hohe Wand.


Unterhöflein in the mist too.


Mist on Netting, Kienberg t the right.

Panoramic picture of Hohe Wand, partly covered by mist; the village of Stollhof in front. Click here or into the picture for a larger display.

Schlossberg and ruin Emmerberg, now partly in the mist.

Mist in front of Kienberg.

Fischau mountains with Schlossberg and ruin Emmerberg far right.


Stollhof. More sunshine on Hohe Wand behind the bank of mist.

Roe deer

The mist is approaching now ...

 ... and will soon ... 

 ... be here.