Neue Welt 17.7.2013

A short morning trip to the car mechanic in Gaaden, of course with the camera. While the car is in work, I have a short look to the surrounding. I can see the intense yellow ...

 ... of this sunflower field already from afar.

In the morning sun the flowers are glowing very beautifully.

In the background Kienberg and Hohe Wand.


Hohe Wand

Lots of visitors  ...

 ... on the flowers.

You donīt mention a problem by dead bees here.

This oilseed rape field, which I have met flowrishing on 8.5.2013, is now ready for crop.

Golden yellow wheat..

Whereas one rape field is ready for crop, another one only flowers ...

Near the beck I have a closer look to the

mullein. Lots of different visitors her.

Attention, big bluebottle is approaching for landing!

A hoverfly already has landed.