Spring in Stollhof 24.4.2013

Whereas my car gets the summer tyres, in a nearby garage, I take the mountain bike to visit this beck, where I have been before on April 9th.

I have seen many leaves of ...

 ... wild garlic (ramson) (Allium ursinum), ...

 ... which I have come to collect today. And no, I don´t confuse the leaves with the highly poisonous  lily of the valley or with Autumn crocus; their leaves are similar, but distinctly different. The characteristic feature of the wild garlic leaves are the parallel leave veins, the leaves running down along the stipes and the spicy garlic smell.

Rich crop near this beck running down from Stollhof to the Teichmühle, there joining some other becks to form the Prosset beck.

Shortly before the first houses of Stollhof I find this colorful spot of dandelions.

A bit further heading the small hamlet of Gaaden.

Blooming bushes

View to Hohe Wand with the Kohlröserl house.

Back with the car in the Prosset gorge. Already on the way up, I have discovered these wonderful King cups (Caltha palustris).

They are growing iin large tussocks at the waterside and inside the running water.

You only need to cross the road to get to the steep slope where this wild variant of grape hyacinths (Muscari neglectum) is growing.

Near the road sign of Winzendorf ...

 ... you can find this tussock of king cups inmidst the beck, which is a bit flatter there. Besides is a wooden trunk indide the water, a perfect place for the left foot of the photographer ...

Arrived at home, the garliv leaves are processed to wild garlic - pesto ...

 ... a small wart of which is thickened by bread crumbs to give a delicious crust for redfish filets. Find my personal creation here.