Netting 6.1.2015

Rain last night, changing to snow. Sunshine in the morning - what else than a winter walk? I start from my home via Blosser Berg to Netting, back through the Prosset gorge, passing by the "Steinernes Bankerl"

On the path to the Blosser Berg

Snowy grassland on Blosser Berg

Hunters in the forest cannot walk - they seem to be disabled.

Through sunny winter forest.

First glimpse of Hohe Wand.

Passing the small hamlet of Netting and over snow covered fields. Fischau mountains with the Dachenstein far right.


Hohe Wand

Panoramic picture of Netting and Neue Welt with Hohe Wand in the background. Click here or into the picture for a larger display.


I take the route heading for the Waldandacht, but branch off to the left at the outskirts of the forest, heading for Teichmühle and the Prosset gorge.

View back

At the fiorest.

The way further through the forest which I do not take.

Snow cornices.

Panoramic picture of Netting and Hohe Wand. Click here or into the picture for a larger display.

Zweiersdorf and Maiersdorf at the foothills of Hohe Wand. "Geländ" to the left, Schneeberg should poke out a little bit behind, but does not - seemingly wrapped in clouds.

Christmas tree plantation

In the Prosset gorge, ruin Emmerberg.

View over the Teichmühle to Hohe Wand.

From the "Steinernes Bankerl" you get a good view over Winzendorf to Wiener Neustadt.

Zooming in with the tele lens reveals: now snow in Weikersdorf!

The mountain is circled at last, back to the sun.