Easter Holiday Naples 23. - 30.3.2013

As Susanne and Marlene don´t want to play tennis any longer, we no longer take part in the traditional Easter tennis camp of Winzendorf´s tennis club. Instead, we have booked one week Easter holiday on the Sorrento peninsula near Naples. A gorgeous landscape, but also horrendously expensive.

Susanne has already booked seat reservation via internet. Doing this, they had asked me where I wanted to sit. I  reflected about this for a short while and then said "to the right at the window" - hoping to see some nice scenery. This hope was fulfilled. A few minutes after the takeoff, the plane left the high fog behind to give view to snow covered islands in the sea of fog: Schneeberg, Göller and Ötscher behind, to its left Krumbachstein.

A minute later, also Rax can be seen, behind it Schneealpe. The mountains in the background to the left could be the Gesäuse summits.

We lift up at a tearing pace, and mist and mountains are left behind to the right ...

After a comfortable flight, we go down over Italy, and once more snow covered mountains come into view: the Abruzzi. Even here, the very long winter has made up for new snow.

And all of a sudden, a cone shaped mountain and a large city in the dust: Vesuvius and Naples. To the left on the horizon is the Sorrento peninsula. Approximately in the middle of the peninsula, we have booked a room in a small hotel - with a view over the Naples bay and to the Vesuvius.

We shall land in a few minutes.

The view back to the Abruzzi - almost at equal height now.

Naples suburbs

We had a good landing, picked up our small rented car and found the way to the highway around Naples and the Vesuvius finally to Castellamare di Stabia. At a fine view point behind the city, we have a short stop to enjoy the view.

Panoramic view of the Naples bay - Naples to the left in the dust, then Vesuvius and Castellamare di stabia. Click here or into the picture for a larger version.

The view from our hotel balcony - what else could you desire?

A small fisherboats´ haven in front of the door, and a free view to mount Vesuvius.


23.3.2013: a trip to the Vesuvius (click here or into the picture to see the report)

24.3.2013: A day trip to the isle of Capri (click here or into the picture to see the report)

26.3.2013: Amalfi coast (click here or into the picture to see the report)

27.3.2013: Pompeji (click here or into the picture to see the report)

28.3.2013: Der Volcano crater of Solfatara and the city of Pozzuoli (click here or into the picture to see the report)

29.3.2013: Another drive to the Amalfi coast, this time on a partly different route (click here or into the picture to see the report)

30.3.2013: back home with the plane. This time, I wanted to seat to the left at the window, and behold:

at the approach for landing, once more high fog and a view to Rax and Schneeberg.

The clouds reach up to about 1.500 m, but some are higher, partly covering the mountains.

Shortly before landing on Vienna airport - we will touch the mist in a few moments. Austria welcomes us with low temperatures of only a few degrees above zero, which will last for more than a week from that time on.