Muthmannsdorf/Neue Welt 18.1.2011

Rain and snow thereafter is forecast for the next days. Today, however, it is still bright. Haveing the half day off, I go for a short 2 hours´ walk from Muthmannsdorf via Felbring to Stollhof, and back via Gaaden.

First, I walk along a narrow asphalted road heading for Gaaden. Hohe Wand in thze background.

The chapel

Near the branching of the road to Felbring a beck is running down with reed on its shores.

View from Felbring over Netting to Bucklige Welt ...

  ... and Zooming in. Still rests of morning mist over the plain.

An unusual view to ruin Emmerberg, with the Rosalia chapel in the far distance.

The hills of the Fischau mountains.

Back at the beck I saw just before.

View back to Gaaden, which is hidden behind the hill.

On the drive back, I make a short detour via Maiersdorf and take a stop between Maiersdorf and Teichmuehle, to admire Schneeberg.

Stollhof and Hohe Wand.