Mountainbike tour 12.6.2012

Blue sky and sunshine in the morning, after several rainy days. So, I start off with my mountain bike, to look out for flowers.

First to the "Lily grassland" (the dwarf iris - iris pumila - long withered now), to look for lizard orchids (Hiermantoglossum adriaticum) but the cold winter with tmperatures down to -15 or -2o°C for about two weeks, together with long dry periods in spring, seem to have destroyed most if not all plants - mind you, thsi is the adriatic variant of lizard orchid, adapted to warmer climate. I donīt find any plant, not even the leaves. Letīs hope for seeds to have persisted, so a nbew generation can grow up in several years. So, I ride down to the plain  to have a closer look to the fields with scorpionweed (Phacelia tanacetifolia) that I have seen driving apart recently. Click here or into the picture for a larger version.

View from the "lily grassland" near Bad Fischau - Brunn in direction Winzendorf. The sun has disappeared behind clouds, but it stays dry.

At first a wheat field with cornflowers and - I cannot identify the small pink ones. Weikersdorf in the background.

Now, this is the Phacelia field. Schneeberg should appear in the background, but it is wrapped in clouds. Weikersdorf in the background.

Viewing to Bucklige Welt.

180 degree panorama. Click here or into the picture for a larger version.

Zooming in to a much more blue area.


At the opposite side of the field, near the pine forest. Viewing to the Fischau mountains, behind to the left is Hohe Wand.

Chamomille in between.

I ride a bit further nowm passing Weikersdorf and heading for St. Egyden. On a circumscribed place, a farmer has dropped soil on a heap - common mallows (Malva syslvestris) have settled there and are found in full bloom now.

Schneeberg still in clouds.


Now, Schneeberg makes a partly appearance.

Looking to the pine forest..

At last, the sun comes out a little bit.

Close up.

Hohe Wand in tghe background.