Mountainbike Tour 6.5.2010

Only 1 1/2 hours free time in the late morning, but enough for a short tour with the mountain bike. I ride via Bad Fischau/Brunn and on gravel (and mud!) roads through pine forest to the curve in the road between Muthmannsdorf and Dreistetten, then back via Muthmannsdorf and Gaaden.

Greater Stitchwort (Stellaria holostea) in a loose mixed pine - beech - forest

The roads through the forest are quite muddy after repeated rain last week, so I am sufficiently covered with lots of mud after a fast descentfrom the Fischau mountains. View over Neue Welt along the Fischau mountains in a southern direction.

From the same point the view in southwestern direction to Hohe Wand.

Dandelions already a bit withered, with lots of seeds intermingled.

Seed head of dandelion (Taraxacum) ...

 ... and flowers.

From between Muthmannsdorf and Gaaden, the view to Hohe Wand ...

 ... and back over Muthmannsdorf to the Fischau mountains.

Hohe Wand

The road now leads over a small but significant hill, closely behind is the small hamlet of Gaaden.